Apple Cake

Apple Cake

Is it possible to make cake in an Aroma Rice Cooker?

Today’s task was interesting as usual and I tend to approach these try outs with mixed feelings. On one hand I am ready to go extremely early in the morning but in the back of my head there is always the fear that I didn’t succeed in making something I had high hopes for… like last week’s cheesecake. I haven’t given up on that yet though, it is just waiting on the back burner of my brain to surface with a new trick or idea at 4am (my thinking time).

This apple cake came as an idea while I was following my favorite kitchen blogger. She had a recipe for an old Russian cake my grandmother used to make and I remember it wasn’t her best work. Of no fault of her own, but because it has no liquids in the batter and therefore the cake can be dense and a little dry.

I had a revelation: what if I would steam this cake instead of baking it? It would for sure be less dry and it has enough eggs and flour to stay together.

I proceeded to wrap the steam tray of the rice cooker with foil and sprayed it with vegetable spray just in case. I made the batter according to grandma and chopped the apples, all the while hoping this would work because it was a simple recipe to follow and guaranteed to please if it turned out well.

5 green apples, cored and diced
3 eggs
1 cup of sugar
1 cup of flour
1 tbsp vanilla extract

Peel and chop your apples.

Make a batter out of 3 eggs and 1 cup of flour and 1 cup of sugar. Beat the sugar and eggs until fluffy and pale yellow and add the vanilla. Sift in the flour slowly with a wooden spoon to mix.

Place apple pieces into the covered steam tray and pour batter over to cover. Add 3 cups of water into the cooking pot of your Aroma rice cooker. Wrap your steam tray in foil and set the rice cooker to steam for 50-60 minutes.

When the cake has “baked” remove it carefully from the rice cooker and let it cool for 20 or so minutes in the tray. Invert onto a plate and dust with powdered sugar before serving.

For us in the Aroma family the cake was a hit and just as I had visioned. It was a moister version and sure to make grandma proud. I hope you will add this recipe to your collection of go-to items when you need a cake in a pinch.


Over to You
What’s your version of apple cake? Share and inspire us!

3 thoughts

  1. I would like to try this recipe! Quick question – do you wrap the entire steam tray in foil (i.e. covering the top open part too, which will face the inside lid of the cooker?), and I assume you wrap the bottom of the steam tray first before putting in the apples & pouring the batter since the batter will go through the holes on the bottom? Just wanted to clarify before I make a big mess! Also, what size rice cooker did you use, 10-cup?


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