International Housewares Show & Rice Cooker Cupcakes

Rice Cooker Cupcakes

What can you say about the largest home and housewares show?

Tia at the Chicago International Housewares Show 2012

WOW seems appropriate in every sense. WOW for Chicago, WOW for the vastness of

the event and a final WOW for the Aroma booth set up, staff and housewares offerings. I had the opportunity to attend with the rest of the Aroma crew and need to say it was amazing on many levels. It was great spending time with my fellow workers and bond over the experience, as well as getting to know people outside of their office lives, but for me cooking comes first and I LOVED the response on our steamed chocolate cupcakes made in the rice cooker. Yes I know it sounds a little whacky, but trust me this is another great use for your rice cooker to add to your repertoire and sit back and be showered by compliments on how you are the best cupcake baker ever.

I know… sometimes I come up with crazy ideas. Actually I come up with crazy ideas all the time, but sometimes they actually pay off and work, as is the case of the rice cooker cupcakes. The thing that surprised most people, after the initial skepticism, about the cupcakes was the moistness, lightness and texture which made them the star of the show. My assistant and I couldn’t bake them fast enough to feed the demand… nice problem to have.

So if we were able to amaze strangers at the show, there is no holding you back as you amaze your circle.

The things you will need to WOW your friends and family are…

Aroma Rice Cooker with steam tray
Silicon cupcake molds
1 box cake mix, batter prepared according to package directions
Your favorite frosting

Add 2 cups of water to the cooking pot of the rice cooker and press steam.

Place your silicone molds into the steam tray.Place your silicone molds into the steam tray and fill them with batter up to the fill line (usually half way).

When steam starts to escape the vent and water is boiling, place the steam tray carefully in the rice cooker.

Allow to steam for the same time the package directions suggest for baking. Remove your cupcakes and cool before frosting. WOW!


Over to You
What’s your version of cupcakes? Share and inspire us!

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