Take Your Kids to Work Day

Take Your Kids to Work Day at Aroma

Don’t take me wrong, I love my kids… but I also love my job where I can be by myself in peace and quiet doing something that I really enjoy. I am a firm believer that I am a better mom after I have accomplished something for myself and had a few hours to collect my thoughts without being interrupted by continuous little voices in different pitches yelling “mama.” I remember when I worked 50+ hours a week and couldn’t wait to go home and spend time with my children, now I spend 80+ hours at home with my children and can’t wait to go to work for a few hours here and there. My test kitchen is my sanctuary and think tank. I love my time there testing equipment and cooking up new recipes while my children spend time with daddy for a few hours.

So last week was Take Your Kids to Work Day and it has taken me close to a week to calm down and find my inner cooking goddess to be able to write this blog. Children are loud, and I should know that, but still seeing my kids and many others in a space that I consider “quiet time” was quite an experience followed by a throbbing headache for the rest of the night. The kids had an amazing time and were able to skip school to attend this event at Aroma headquarters in San Diego. They learned firsthand what running a business is all about and how many people are involved in making this company a success, finished by some cupcake baking and decorating.

After taking a tour of the Aroma building and a pizza lunch, the kids spent time in the Test Kitchen baking cupcakes in the ARC-1010SB rice cooker and finished off frosting and decorating them themselves. I did get a lesson myself in cupcake decorating from these connoisseurs and learned that you can never have too much frosting or sprinkles on your cupcake. To burn off some of the extra energy they also got to play some foosball in the break room and basketball in the backyard.

Thank you Aroma and staff for making this possible and letting the kids loose in your workspace… can’t wait for next year !

Rice Cooker Cupcakes

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