Chai-Infused Coconut Barley Breakfast

Chai-Infused Coconut Barley Breakfast

I recently had barley soup at a friend’s house, and as usual, my mind started wandering as soon as I tasted it. Not that there was anything wrong with what she made, it was delicious. Thanks to her I began thinking of my own creative ways to modify this grain for a breakfast. My thoughts were filled with the flavors of coconut, dates and Chai tea, which would all make perfect pairings for this gently flavored, yet chewy grain. You might not know this, but barley is an excellent source of fiber and protein, making it a much better choice for breakfast than other grains. But there was a big obstacle to tackle first— cooking time. The reason few of us bother with barley is that it traditionally takes 70-90 minutes to cook and therefore becomes a plan-ahead type of meal. And who really has the time these days to plan out 70-90 minutes in advance with everything else going on in our busy lives? But what if I could change all this and make a healthy delicious breakfast in 30 minutes or less using the Aroma pressure cooker? Now that would be a game changer and a result that is definitely worth eating.

So a few days passed since I visited my friend’s house, but I was unable to sit down and concoct my new breakfast recipe. Unfortunately that wasn’t the only thing I had been neglecting. Just yesterday my husband reminded me that I still had not taken care of getting a new tire for my car. Something he had nicely reminded me of on a note…one week ago. I finally gave in to the pressure and decided to take care of this pesky tire.  Now I could make room for some creativity, which had previously been blocked by a large black circular item, held by an angry looking man resembling my husband!

This morning, as I sat in the tire shop, I could finally write down my list of ingredients for the breakfast barley recipe.

1 cup of pearled barley
3 cups of coconut milk
1/4 cup of agave syrup
1/4 cup of dried dates

Simply add all ingredients to the pressure cooker and set on medium pressure for 20 minutes. After that, your work is done!

And once again the Aroma pressure cooker didn’t disappoint …we have yet another winner!

Chai-Infused Coconut Barley Breakfast “Porridge.” It’s sweet with just the right amount of chewy textured grain, a hint of Chai spice and a scent of coconut. It’s HEAVEN on a plate. Since then I’ve already thought of improvements for the dish. I plan on serving it with fresh mango slices for my kiddos’ next sleepover… although I might also add a dollop of whipped cream since kids love whipped cream 🙂


Over to You
What’s your version of coconut barley? Share and inspire us!

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