The Perfect Omelet

The Perfect Omelet

Omelet or omelette? However you prefer to spell it, I am convinced you would be amazed to find the multitude of origins and ways to make it special. An omelet is basically just an egg dish with any filling of your choice. Although traditionally stuck together with cheddar cheese, I have also had omelets with peanut butter, fruit and every kind of cheese imaginable. With an Aroma Rice Cooker the technical part is a no-brainer and you can guarantee a fluffy and airy concoction every time, no flipping required.

I find that the perfect omelet is light and fluffy so I use a little trick I learned from a French friend of mine, who claims omelets were in fact invented by the French. The story goes that when Napoleon and his army traveled through France they came across the dish at a local farm. Napoleon tasted it and ordered the townspeople to collect all eggs in the town and prepare a gigantic omelet for his entire army. Others claim the dish originated in the Middle East and traveled from there to Europe where each country adapted it to their local produce and palate. Wherever it came from one thing is certain, there is literally an omelet for every country, region and city in the entire world.

And although there are many different ingredients and origins for the omelet, one thing is constant, the eggs. Which is why I take a little extra care when prepping mine. So here enters my trick for a fluffy omelet; whip the egg whites separately until fluffy and then add whisked egg yolks into the mix before placing them in the rice cooker. Thanks to the steam that’s created automatically by the Aroma Rice Cooker you also don’t need to add any milk or water to the eggs to help them cook up nicely. No flipping, no extra ingredients, endless possibilities… I’m telling you, this truly is the perfect omelet!

4 eggs, separated
anything other veggies or meats that you like!

Whip the egg whites until fluffy. Whisk egg yolks until blended and mix with whites.

Spray the inner cooking pot with cooking spray, pour in the eggs and close the lid. Set your rice cooker to Steam for 5 minutes.

When the rice cooker beeps fill it with cheese and your favorite fillings and fold in half. Lift onto a plate and serve.

Note: The omelet should not be fully cooked when removed from the pan because it continues to cook on its own after removed from heat.

Tip: It is not necessary to whip the eggs, it simply adds to the fluffiness and really makes this the perfect omelet. Simple fork whisking and your rice cooker are enough to produce a great moist omelet.


Over to You
What’s your idea of a perfect omelet? Share and inspire us!

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