Better “Boiled” Eggs & Happy Easter!


Whether they’re dyed, decorated, hunted for or deviled, hard boiled eggs are bound to show up on nearly every table this Easter weekend. But for such a simple food, boiled eggs often cause a lot of confusion in the kitchen. Do you add in eggs before or after the water is boiling? How long should they boil ? How do you avoid that inevitable batch that just refuses to part with its shell? As a year-round consumer of boiled eggs I’ve tried every trick in the book: baking soda, ice baths, the blow out method (which actually works but will probably give you a headache if you try it on an entire batch)… the list goes on and on. Below is an amazing recipe for Better “Boiled” Eggs. They are steamed in your rice cooker, rather than boiled, which helps the moisture permeate the shell and make for easier peeling and more consistent results. My preference is a 12 minute steam time which yields a slightly soft yellow yolk.

1 dozen eggs

Add 2 cups of water to the inner pot of your Aroma Rice Cooker. Place eggs in the Steam Tray and set to Steam for 10-15 minutes depending how you like your eggs. When the cooking cycle ends cool down eggs under cold running water and place in the fridge.

Peel (it’s much easier, right?), eat, enjoy!

And it’s not Easter without some egg decorating. Try this simple trick for fun and unique colored eggs!

Tie-Dye Easter Eggs

Over to You
What’s your version of a hard boiled egg? Share and inspire us!

3 thoughts

  1. The first two times I used my Aroma Rice Cooker to steam a dozen eggs they peeled perfectly. I left them for around 20 minutes. I didn’t like that green ring that formed around them, however. The third time I left them for 15 minutes and it was a disaster. Not one peeled correctly. I followed the instructions to a T! I lost a lot of egg because it stuck to the shells. I’m going to try 18 minutes next. Hopefully, this will work.

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