Strawberry Ghosts

Strawberry Ghosts

Halloween is the one day a year that there is no truly no such thing as too many sweet treats and when I saw these cute little ghosts online I knew they had to be added to my treat table. Plus, since technically their foundation is fruit they can’t be too bad for you, right? My rice cooker came in handy as the perfect tool to create a double broiler which provided gentle heat to melt the chocolate and keep it warm as I took my time dipping each berry ghost and adding on their spooky faces before the chocolate set. I guarantee kids and adults alike will get a kick out of this festive version of a classic treat.

1 lb strawberries
6 oz white chocolate
mini chocolate chips

Add 4 cups water to the inner pot of your rice cooker. Place a snug fitting glass bowl over your inner pot and set to Steam. Add chocolate and let melt, stirring often.

When chocolate is melted give strawberries a generous dunk. When you pull the berries out place them immediately onto a piece of parchment or wax paper dragging them a bit to form ghostly tails.

Place 2 mini chocolate chip eyes and one spooky mouth on each berry. Let chocolate set and enjoy!


Over to You
What’s your version of a spooky Holiday treat? Share and inspire us!

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