Pinto Beans

Pinto Beans

Reader submitted ideas or questions are our absolute favorite inspiration for Test Kitchen experiments. We just love reading e-mails with new requests and hearing about what you’ve tried or are thinking about trying to create with Aroma products and your great imaginations. Last week we received a question via Facebook from our friend Joy about cooking dry pinto beans in your rice cooker. I am thrilled to report that making pinto beans from scratch was a snap and can be done in virtually any rice cooker using the Cook switch or White Rice function. And after cooking all those beans I also needed a way to use them up, so look forward to this request leading to a few extra tryout sessions and some more new recipes. Thank you for the inspiration, keep it coming!

2 cups dried pinto beans
6 cups water
2 tbsp salt

Rinse and soak beans in water over night. Drain and rinse beans again. Place beans, water and salt in the inner pot of your rice cooker and set to White Rice. When your rice cooker beeps the beans are ready!


Over to You
What’s your version of pinto beans? Share and inspire us!

6 thoughts

  1. The cooker beeped after about an hour, but the beans weren’t done. I added a can of Rotel, 1-1\2 tsp chili powder, and 1-1\2 tsp ground cumin, then set it on White Rice again . I checked the beans for doneness 30 minutes later. Not quite done, and there was plenty of liquid left, so I added 1 cup of white jasmine rice. The next time the cooker beeped the beans and rice were done and all of the liquid had been absorbed. I served this with a drizzle of coconut oil on top of each serving and with a side of flat bread.

  2. Pinto beans is the best food to lose weight. So, I don’t add anything to it. Just water. I soak it 8-12 hours, then cook one cup of beans with two cups of water. Once it’s done, it’s enough for two 8 oz. meals. I eat seven 8 oz meals a day and I lose 5 lb. a day eating pinto beans and only fruit and vegetables.

  3. What about cooking dried Black Eyed Peas? Are there different instructions for cooking them than dried Pinto Beans or White Beans? What about Lentils or mixed beans?
    Thank You.

    1. It should work! Just soak the beans overnight and test it the next day 😀 The instruction should be similar.

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