Easy Peasy Mac & Cheesy

Easy Peasy Mac 'n' Cheesy

I know there are previous mac and cheese posts on this blog, but can you really have too many recipes for this yummy pasta?

…I didn’t think so. 🙂

As we hurried through grocery store aisles last night, my kiddos asked me for mac and cheese. But even with a throbbing headache and little desire to cook dinner, I just couldn’t resort to the box (the homemade stuff is just too good!) so I offered them a homemade version with any shape of pasta they desired. They settled on a small wheel shaped pasta and 3 different cheeses… one for each child. Thirty minutes after we got home my rice cooker was once again cemented on the top of my best friend list, offering us a warm, gooey pasta ready to devour.

4 cups rotelle or other small pasta, cooked
1 cup heavy cream
1 cup milk
1 cup grated Parmesan cheese
1 cup white cheddar, shredded
1 cup smoked Gouda, shredded
black pepper

Add milk and cream to your rice cooker and set to Steam. Once liquid is hot, add all three cheeses and stir until completely melted and sauce is smooth. Combine pasta with cheese sauce and stir well to coat. Finish with black pepper and dig in!


Over to You
What’s your version of Mac & Cheese? Share and inspire us!

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