Classic Quiche

Classic Quiche

I don’t know why I don’t make quiche more often. My mom used to serve it at dinner quite frequently with a nice salad and I remember enjoying it every time. Despite it often being characterized as a breakfast or brunch food, quiche works perfectly for dinner and if you are lucky to be left with some extra you can have a slice for lunch the next day. Aside from the heavy cream, quiche is quite nutritious and filling and since you can improvise with any combination of mix-ins, from ham to tofu, it is easy to adapt a basic recipe to many palates. I used pancetta, Italian ham, mixed collard greens and onions for this recipe… mainly because I was starving and needed dinner on the table in a jiffy and these ingredients were what I had on hand. Feel free to experiment and let us know what combo you like best!

4 eggs
1/4 cup heavy cream
1/2 cup cheese, shredded (I used pepper jack)
1/2 cup pancetta, chopped
1/2 cup onion, chopped
1 cup collard greens or kale, chopped
black pepper
1 cup leftover crackers or bread, crumbled

Brown the onion, pancetta and greens in your rice cooker on Steam or Sauté-Then-Simmer. Remove and set aside in a bowl.

Add breadcrumbs or cracker crumbs to the bottom of the inner pot. Mix eggs, cream and cheese into the onion, pancetta and greens mixture and carefully pour over the crumbs. Add a pinch of black pepper and set to White Rice. When the rice cooker beeps, remove quiche carefully by inverting on a plate.


Over to You
What’s your version of quiche? Share and inspire us!

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