Super Pot Roast

Super Pot Roast

Pot roast is one of my favorite meals and, when done properly and patiently, there really are few other meals that make me feel as American as accomplishing this task. Just like many other comfort food meals, a good pot roast cannot be rushed. The tough fibers in the chuck take time to break down and the flavors take time to meld. There are so many great pot roast recipes out there. Every family has their own either handed down or recreated by the cook in the family and that history is what makes this meal so comforting.  My recipe is a compilation of all the great roasts I ever had the pleasure of eating in my family’s kitchens and my friends’ houses.

There are many vehicles used to cook a great pot roast and I have tried them all… the classic Dutch oven, the modern-day slow cooker and now the Super Pot, coming to the rescue once again to deliver a great down-home meal. The biggest advantage about using your Super Pot is that you can sear/brown and then slow cook in the same pot which makes prep, cooking and cleanup a lot easier.

The most important thing is to give this meal time to cook and of course to season liberally. For the following recipe I used a 2.5 lb chuck roast to be able to fit it in with the stock. I cooked it on low heat for about 3 hrs and the results were as good as always.

2 1/2 lb boneless chuck roast
3 onions cut in large quarters
4 carrots peeled and cut in large pieces
4 garlic cloves
1 sprig of rosemary
2 tbsp tomato paste
10 fingerling potatoes or 4 large ones cut into quarters
1 cup red wine
5 cups beef stock
salt and pepper

Liberally sprinkle all sides of the roast with salt and pepper. Heat the Super Pot to 400º F and brown roast on both sides.

Add wine, tomato paste, rosemary and enough stock to cover roast about halfway. Turn heat down to 200º F, cover and let cook for 2 ½ hours.

Lift roast and add vegetables underneath and continue cooking until meat falls apart easily, about 30 minutes. Add remaining stock and extra water throughout the cooking process, if needed.

Over to You
What’s your version of a pot roast? Share and inspire us!

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