Dad’s Peanut Clusters

Peanut Clusters

There are peanut clusters, and then there are peanut clusters. But this is one recipe you will want to use for many occasions. Years ago when our Dad put this one together, he wasn’t sharing the secret ingredient but we soon pried it from him….butterscotch chips! All we knew for sure was we couldn’t eat just one.

With just three ingredients, they can be made up in no time at all. Packaging is up to you depending on your occasion. Be sure to keep your pantry shelf well stocked with these ingredients. Then when a spur of the moment solution for a gift giving opportunity or a special treat for your family arises, you are prepared.

So enjoy, but don’t torture yourself with just one!


12 oz package chocolate chips
12 oz package butterscotch chips
16 oz jar dry roasted salted peanuts (I find Planters gives the best result)

Place the chocolate and butterscotch chips in the inner pot of the Rice Cooker. Set to Steam and stir every few minutes until they begin to melt, about 5 minutes. Carefully remove pot and continue to stir another 5 minutes until smooth and satiny. Add peanuts and stir until well combined.

Place chocolate mixture into small baking cups or drop by tablespoonful onto parchment paper. Allow a few hours for them to firm up. Store covered in a cool place or keep in refrigerator.


Over to You
What’s your version of peanut clusters? Share and inspire us!

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