Chocolate Cookie Rice

From the first glance, you would think that this recipe would be absolutely horrible. In reality though, this rice tastes like tiramisu in risotto form. This dish tastes like the east meets the west. The unique texture and subtle creaminess is something that you and your whole family will enjoy. The unique taste and texture can be likened to a sweet, rich, chocolate dessert risotto.

1 cup uncooked Japanese medium grain rice (also called ‘sushi rice’)
10 chocolate sandwich cookies
¾ cup coconut milk
1¼ cup 2% milk (or use 1½ cup for creamier rice)
Topping: vanilla ice cream, peanuts, additional cookies, cherries, sprinkles

In general, adding cookies makes it more risotto like while adding milk makes it more like rice pudding.

Aroma Professional Rice Cooker (or use a larger Aroma Rice Cooker for double the recipe)
4-8 servings
About 5 min prep time and about 25 min cook time

Place rice in your rice cooker after rinsing and draining thoroughly.
Pour in coconut milk and milk (you can substitute out 2% for whole milk which gives it a sweeter and creamier taste or use skim milk as a low-fat, diet friendly version as well) and stir briefly to mix.
Arrange 10 chocolate sandwich cookies neatly over the rice, ensuring each is wet.
Place pot into the rice cooker and press the white rice function.
Mix all ingredients together when the rice is done cooking. (We understand that the rice may not look appetizing but you must give it a chance!) Serve warm.
Garnish with ice cream of choice and add toppings such as peanuts, additional sandwich cookies, cherries, sprinkles, etc. for an added sweetness.


Over to You
What’s your version of dessert rice? Share and inspire us!

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