by Nancy

Gluten free Amaranth is considered a nutritional powerhouse and boasts more protein than any other gluten-free grain, making it an excellent choice for breakfast. It cooks up quickly in your Mi Aroma, giving you additional time at the start of your day. A pinch of salt will enhance its distinct flavor but it also does well with a boost of sweetness. I’ve paired it with a fresh blueberry sauce, fresh whole blueberries and some yogurt, but the addition of nuts wouldn’t hurt either. Consider amaranth for a healthy breakfast change-up.
1/3 c amaranth
1c water
Pinch of salt
Almond milk
Fresh fruit, dairy free yogurt, nuts

In the Mi Aroma mini rice cooker, combine the amaranth and water and press the cook button. When it switches to the warm setting, check every five minutes until the liquid is absorbed and the grains are tender. Pour into bowls and add the almond milk until desired thickness. Top with fresh fruit and yogurt, or nuts and honey.

Fresh Blueberry Sauce
1c blueberries
2 tsp honey or maple syrup
Pinch of salt, cardamom or cinnamon
Place the berries in a small bowl and mash with a fork. Add the remaining ingredients and continue to mash.


Over To You
What is your version of gluten-free breakfast? Share and inspire us:)

2 thoughts

  1. Tried this – a strange texture but I like it. Needs a tiny bit more than 1 cup of water (just make it a generous cup). Added some shredded coconut to the cooking mix, then almond milk, grade b maple syrup and cinnamon after cooking. Will make again.

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