Hawaiian Rice Burger (Gluten Free)


Ever have a hankering for SPAM? This Gluten Free recipe will cure that craving in no time and with no fuss.

½ can SPAM® or canned ham, sliced into 1 centimeter slices
2 cups cooked Japanese medium grain (also called ‘sushi rice’)
4 tbsp Furikake (Dried Seaweed Seasoning mixture) OR 2 tbsp Roasted Sesame Seeds
1 to 1½ tsp sesame oil
1 tomato
2 eggs
1/4 head of lettuce
2 tbsp mayonnaise
4 tbsp Sriracha
cooking oil

Optional toppings:
Nori flakes


  • Season the rice with Furikaka, sesame seeds, and sesame oil.
  • Cut spam into 1 centimeter slices.
  • Create a Sriracha mayonnaise sauce with two parts Sriracha and one part mayonnaise.
  • In a small bowl that is slightly damp, flatten half a bowl of seasoned rice. Press the rice until it is firmly shaped and then pat out of the bowl. Repeat until you have rice patty buns.
  • Set your Aroma 3-in-1 Grillet to 250º F.
  • Drizzle oil into your Grillet.
  • Place your slices of spam and your two rice patty buns on the grill.
  • Wash your tomato and lettuce while the spam and rice patty cooks (approximately 4-5 minutes on each side).
  • Remove rice Buns and SPAM® from the Grillet.
  • Fry your egg.
  • Assemble your burger and enjoy!


Over To You
What is your version of rice burger? Share and inspire us 🙂

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