4th of July Potato Party!


Many people love potatoes, especially small ones like fingerlings. They can be a perfect side dish or even finger food. Here’s a recipe that can be used for both! The finished potatoes have a light frosting of salt on them with a creamy texture inside. Yum!
And if you pick your potato and garnish colors right, you can even celebrate America’s birthday!

1 lb small (2 inches or less as longest dimension) or fingerling potatoes (a mix of white, red, and purple/blue potatoes is one option)
3 cups water
3/4 cup salt
Melted butter
Garnish items of choice (chopped cilantro, chopped green onions, grilled bell peppers, etc.)
Aroma Professional Rice Cooker

Place water and salt in inner pot of Aroma Professional Rice Cooker. Close lid and select “white rice” setting on rice cooker and set a timer for about 15-20 minutes to allow salted water to come to boil. (Because of the salt, the temperature at boiling will be hotter than plain water.)
Carefully add potatoes to water. The water level should be at least 1½ inches from the top. Close lid and set timer for 30 minutes.
Turn off rice cooker when time is complete. Open and carefully transfer potatoes to wire rack. Water on the potatoes will quickly evaporate to leave a light frosting of salt.
Serve hot with melted butter as a dip or to drizzle on the potatoes.
Or serve potatoes as finger food after cooling for 15-20 minutes or more. The combination of light salt, butter and creamy center is fantastic!

Over To You
What’s your 4th July party dish? Share and inspire us 🙂

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