Bacon Chicken Kebab

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People say bacon goes with everything. Well, here’s bacon and chicken with a little hot sauce and cool ranch dressing to match the hot days and cool nights of the summer.

Serves 1-2 (recipe is easily doubled or tripled)

1 skinless, boneless chicken breast (with tenderloin removed)
4 strips bacon
1 bell pepper, any color you like (or optionally a red onion)
3 tbsp ranch dressing (preferably with buttermilk)
1 tbsp chili or curry paste (or optionally Sriracha sauce)
Fresh ground pepper
3 pre-soaked (for 1 hour or more) bamboo skewers (or short metal skewers)
Aroma Grillet

Cut chicken breast into two strips that are equally wide (roughly 1¼-1½ inch wide). One strip will be the longest possible and the second will be next to it after removing a little excess from the side. Trim the pointy tip from each strip and cut each strip into roughly equal cubes (about 6 from the longest strip and 5 from the second strip).

Place into bowl and add ranch dressing and chili or curry paste. Stir to mix dressing and paste and to cover all chicken pieces. Place in refrigerator for at least 60 minutes, preferably 2 hours or longer. (This recipe is perfect for setting up in the morning for use at lunch or dinner, or setting up around lunchtime for dinner.)

Cut six pieces that are roughly the size of the chicken cubes from the bell pepper. Cut each bacon strip into three pieces. After chicken has marinated, cover three sides of each chicken cube with one piece of bacon.

Skewer one piece of bell pepper followed by three chicken cubes. The skewer should go through each end of the bacon piece on each chicken cube to keep the bacon on the skewer. Finish each skewer with a second piece of bell pepper. Spread out the pieces a little bit on the skewer so that heat can reach in between the cubes. Season each skewer with fresh ground pepper.

Heat Aroma Grillet to 300° F. Lay down the skewers on the grill (you may have to trim the skewers with scissors for length).

Grill each of the four sides (of the skewers) for about 2-2½ minutes before turning. Total grilling time is about 9 minutes before removing from grill.

Over To You
What’s your version of a kebab? Share and inspire us! 🙂

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