Dragon Eggs


Ever want a perfectly soft boiled egg?  Here’s a recipe that shows how to do that while having it with a little spicy sausage and some veggies.  Presenting them in a “nest” of fresh parsley or cilantro may be showing off a little, but that makes them perfect for a special Sunday brunch!  This item may also be perfect for those of you planning to marathon Game of Thrones! 

4 eggs
8 oz (½ lb by weight) Chorizo (Mexican) sausage (or sausage of your choice
1½ cup finely chopped combination of bell peppers and onion (or your choice of different vegetables for different colors)

Aroma Professional Rice Cooker with Steam Tray insert
3-4 Servings

Place 1 cup water in inner pot of Aroma Professional Rice Cooker, add eggs and select “steam” setting for 5 minutes.  SET A SEPARATE TIMER FOR 9 MINUTES. Prepare a large bowl of cold water.

When the separate timer goes off, watch the timer on the Rice Cooker, which will start to count down when the water begins to boil.  Watch the timer until it turns “2”, then quickly remove eggs with tongs or a large spoon to the bowl of cold water.  The eggs will have been in boiling water for 3 minutes at this point, which will leave the yolks molten.  Softer eggs are an option by removing them when the timer turns “3”, while harder yolks are possible by removing the eggs after the timer turns “1”.  The full 5 minutes will result in a hard yolk.

Leave the hot water in the Cooker.  Carefully peel the eggs.  Carefully remove the (possibly hot!) Removable Inner Lid from the inside of the Cooker.
Remove sausage filling from the sausage casing.  Take a ball of sausage filling a little larger than the size of a golf ball.  Flatten it between the palms of your hands to be about ¼ inch thick.  Carefully place an egg in the center of the flattened sausage filling and gently wrap it in the filling.  Use gentle pushing/nudging to fully seal the egg in the filling.  Repeat for each egg.

Gently press chopped vegetable combination onto surface of each wrapped egg before placing them in the Steam Tray of the Cooker.
Transfer Steam Tray to Cooker and select “Steam” function for 5 minutes.

When Cooker is done, remove eggs and serve.

Over To You
What’s your version of “dragon eggs”?  Share and inspire us!

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