Hazelnut Hot Cocoa (Optionally Vegan)


I was on a mission to make a dairy-free hazelnut and chocolate drink, which obviously meant no ‘milk chocolate’.  Unfortunately, I learned that Nutella® contains some milk products. So, my drawing board led me to this very tasty treat for wintery days. It’s rich and delicious, and dairy-free unless you don’t want it to be.

4 cups soy milk (plain is fine, vanilla flavor is recommended)
8 oz coconut milk (from a carton, or up to an entire 13.5-oz can is fine; use the best available quality)
3 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder (or more to taste)
Optional ½ or more tbsp sugar (to increase sweetness as desired)
½ cup hazelnut spread (dairy-free recipes are available online and at least one commercial brand called Nocciolata is available; or use Nutella® if a little milk product is acceptable)
Optional pinch of sea salt per cup when serving
Optional toppings: nutmeg, chocolate syrup and non-dairy whipped topping

Aroma Professional Rice Cooker, ARC-934SBD

Serves  6
10 minutes prep time and 40 minutes cook time

Add soy milk, coconut milk, cocoa powder (and optional sugar) to the inner pot of Aroma Professional Rice Cooker. Use wooden spoon to briefly mix and to wet all dry ingredients (use spoon to press any lumps against side of the inner pot and then mix into liquid). Securely close cover and select “Slow Cook” function for 2 (two) hours, but only 30 minutes is required.

After 30 minutes (or longer until ready to serve hot), open cover and add hazelnut spread. A rubber spatula or wooden spoon is recommended to stir and to press the spread against the side of the inner pot, which makes it easier to stir it into the liquid.

When hazelnut is fully mixed in, turn off the Cooker and ladle out to serve. Optionally top with dusting of nutmeg, non-dairy whipped topping, chocolate syrup, or their combinations.

Over To You
What’s your version of hot cocoa? Share and inspire us.

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