Kimchi Miso Super Soup


During the summer, I made this recipe when I wanted the savory taste of Japanese miso and the spiciness of Korea kimchi.  And my thoughts return to this ‘fusion’ soup whenever I feel sick because the ‘superfood’ sweet potatoes and greens help with a speedy recovery as it warms my body and soul.

3½ cups Dashi stock (or 3½ cups boiling water plus about 3 sq. inches of kombu/kelp and 0.1 oz bonito flakes)
½ pkg medium or firm tofu, cut into approximately 1 inch cubes (about 10-12 total)
1 medium to large sweet potato, peeled and cut into similar number of similar 1 inch cubes
½ to 1 Tbsp miso paste
1 pkg enoki mushrooms, bottom part removed (or use/add your favorite sliced mushrooms)
½ cup roughly cut up ‘superfood’ green vegetable (like kale, Swiss chard chard, spinach, or kelp/seaweed)
¼ cup roughly chopped kimchi (adjust according to your taste)
Korean spicy (hot) paste to taste (optional)
1 stalk green onions finely cut as garnish

Optional meat version:  about 4 oz thinly sliced beef (like rib eye) or pork (like pork rib belly)
Optional Udon noodle (1 pkg of 6-7 oz)

Aroma Doveware Dutch Oven, 2.5L (or use double the ingredients with the 4.0 L size)

3-4 Servings
10 minutes prep time and 20 minutes cook time

Add Dashi stock into Dutch Oven on stove top and bring to boil (or boil water and then add kombu and bonito flakes and then reduce to simmer for 5 minutes). If using kombu, remove it after simmering.

Add tofu and sweet potatoes and miso paste and bring back to a boil before reducing to simmer for 5-7 minutes. Check for doneness of sweet potato.  Add mushrooms and green vegetable (and optional noodles).  Stir briefly and bring back to simmer for an additional 2-5 minutes (or until vegetable is at desired tenderness).  (Optional meat slices are added before this step and cooked until about 50% done before adding other ingredients.)

Add kimchi (and optional spicy paste). Stir briefly and serve in bowls with green onions (and optionally more kimchi).

Over To You

What’s your version of miso soup?  Share and inspire us.

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