Spiced Apple Cider

Being from Massachusetts, apple cider is very near and dear to my heart. There are apple orchards everywhere, and autumn means going and picking some. Sure, you get to leave with a giant bag of hand-chosen apples to make into pies and sauce or just eat when it suits your fancy. But the best part of going to an orchard is the fresh apple doughnuts and hot, spiced apple cider. This year I got a little homesick, so I decided to make some of the cider myself. I haven’t figured out the perfect doughnuts yet, but maybe that’ll be another post. For now, though, all the tastes of a New England autumn are wrapped up in this tasty cider.

3 cups apple cider
4 whole star anise
2 whole cinnamon sticks
2 lemons, zested and juiced
4 tablespoons pure maple syrup

HSN 20-Cup Multicooker (item #605912) or other 20-cup Digital Multicooker; adjust the ingredient amounts for smaller cookers
2 servings
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes

1. In the inner pot of the multicooker, stir together the apple cider, star anise, and cinnamon stick.
2. Plug in your cooker and press the START button to turn it on. Press STEAM and then (+) to set for 10 minutes. Press START, and the cooking indicator light will illuminate; the digital display will show a chasing pattern to show it is set.
3. Leave the lid open and allow the mixture to come to a boil.
4. Once boiling, allow to cook for 2-3 minutes so that the flavors can combine. No need to stir!
5. Press START twice to turn off the multicooker.
6. Stir in the lemon juice and maple syrup with a long-handled wooden or silicone spoon.
7. Using a silicone ladle or deep spoon, scoop the cider into mugs and garnish with lemon zest, cinnamon sticks, and apple slices
8. Clink your glasses together and say “cheers!”

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