Arancini: Stuffed Italian Rice Balls

These arancini have just about everything you could crave from a guilty pleasure-savory food. It’s warm, melted, hearty, CHEESY and, you guessed it, fried crunchy. But no need to pull out the oil and thermometer, because these babies are air fried! That means much healthier and faster. For a traditional Italian dish, they’re actually super easy to make and have very few ingredients. Give them a try for your next get together appetizer!

2 cups cooked white rice, cooled to room temperature
½ cup grated Parmesan cheese
3 eggs
2 sticks of mozzarella string cheese, cut in half , then in half again to create 4 mozzarella cubes
1 cup Italian breadcrumbs
nonstick cooking spray

HSN Air Fryer (item #635-607)
8 servings
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 30 minutes

1. In a medium-sized bowl, mix together the rice, Parmesan, and one of the eggs. You can start by using a heavy wooden spoon to mix, but it’s always best to finish up with your hands to really squish it all together and make sure it is sticky and incorporated.
2. Take a large handful of the rice mixture and form it into a nest shape; like half of a sphere with a dimple in the center.
3. Take one of the mozzarella cheese pieces and put it in the center of this rice dimple, then form the rice around it to make the cheese the center of the rice ball. Take more rice from the bowl if you need to make them a little bigger. Be sure to really squeeze and compress the rice ball so it doesn’t fall apart.
4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 with all of the mozzarella pieces; you should have 8 rice balls when you are finished.
5. In a separate, small bowl, whisk together the remaining two eggs. Have the breadcrumbs ready in another separate small bowl as well.
6. Spray the cooking pan of the air fryer with nonstick spray.
7. One by one, dip a rice ball into the beaten eggs and then roll in the breadcrumbs, making sure to shake off the excess between each step.
8. Place the breaded rice ball in the cooking pan and give the top a quick mist of the nonstick spray. This will ensure the breadcrumbs become crunchy and golden brown.
9. Repeat steps 7 & 8 until all of the rice balls are coated and in the air fryer.
10. Close the lid. Plug in your air fryer, turn the dial to HIGH and set the timer for 30 minutes.
11. After 15 minutes of cooking, open the lid. Using silicone tipped tongs that will not scratch the cooking pan, turn over each of the arancini rice balls. Give them another mist of nonstick spray.
12. When the time is up, unplug the air fryer. Use the same tongs as before and carefully remove the arancini from the air fryer and let cool briefly.
13. Serve while still warm with Nonni’s or another tomato sauce.

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