3 Must-Have Aroma Kitchen Essentials

Today we are going to be doing something different from our normal recipes. And let me tell you, I am VERY excited about it!

I’m always here coming up with recipes for you all saying how easy they are in our products. But let’s be honest… we have a LOT of options. Counter top ovens, blenders, pressure cookers, food steamers, water kettles, WOOF! That’s a lot! And for each product type we have a lot of options too. It’s great because it means no matter your kitchen need, budget, family or house size, we’ve got your covered.

Still I know it can be a bit overwhelming deciding which to choose.

So today I am going to share with you my personal favorite Aroma products. In particular, the 3 must-have items that are super versatile and perfect for pretty much anyone!

Let’s dive in!

#1 20-Cup Digital Multicooker

In particular, ARC-150SB. You can cook pretty much anything in this thing.

Seriously. It’s like a challenge at the office to find something I can’t cook in this unit.

It has a huge capacity, which means you’ll never find yourself wishing you had more to eat. Truth be told, a lot of the time I’ll fill this thing to capacity so I have leftovers for a few days. You can make some plain old white rice, brown rice, quinoa… you get the idea. Also slow cook pulled pork or soups, or steam fish and veggies.

Don’t think you’re limited to cooking what the buttons say. I’ve made a mango and cranberry couscous, butternut squash risotto, Greek scrambled eggs, breakfast burritos, stuffed mushrooms, potato skins, coconut curry meatballs, prosciutto Brussels sprouts, steak and cheese sandwiches, fish tacos, penne pasta with vodka sauce, even bread pudding and chocolate cupcakes! I kid you not.

Professional tip? The Steam function can be used to saute veggies and meats. Once you get a little experience working with this cooker, you can use it for practically any meal your heart desires.

#2 Grillet™

Take the grill inside. This Grillet™ is another essential that your kitchen needs. You can use it for basically anything you’d make on a grill but with  heck of a lot less effort. No propane or charcoal or scraping down or dealing with rain or mosquitoes. So hot dogs, burgers, chicken and steak is all done in the simple little indoor grill with half the trouble.

I’ve also used it to make some grilled romaine lettuce, cauliflower breakfast hash, and pizza is incredibly easy too. Just some premade pizza dough, 5 minutes per side and you’ve got yourself some (almost) homemade pizza!

#3 DoveWare Casserole Dish

The casserole dish is perfect for almost any of your baking needs. I’ve used it for cake, fudge, brownies, and cookies too. Don’t worry, though, it’s not just good for sweets. You can use it to make some roasted veggies, chicken Parmesan, cinnamon buns, and of course casseroles.

Really I’m not joking when I say I use this all the time. Sometimes not even necessarily for cooking? *gasp* I mean it has a lid so why not just store some leftovers in it? Plus let’s be real, it’s so pretty. Two different shapes and a whole bunch of colors means there is a casserole dish for every person.


So to recap, what you need is an easy-peasy 20-Cup Digital Multicooker to make basically anything your heart desires. A Grillet™ to bring the grilling inside. And the casserole dish for all of your baking needs. And if you’re looking for some of the recipes I mentioned for your multicooker, be sure to check out our 5+5 Recipe Book! All of the recipes have 5 ingredients or less and 5 minutes of prep time, cooked completely in your rice cooker!


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