About Us

Welcome to the Aroma Test Kitchen!

At Aroma we know it’s tough to balance work, activities, maintaining a happy household, your sanity and making quality home cooked meals. After all, we’re trying to do it ourselves too! We design products with your busy life in mind, aiming to take the “cook” out of home cooking so you can have more free time and more tasty dishes on the table. But before any of our products can earn a spot in your kitchen, we want to make sure they hold up in the Aroma Test Kitchen.

So, what can you expect here from the Aroma Test Kitchen? Our best and most popular products perfecting tons and tons of recipes you might never imagine could be cooked in them. You’ll also see insider information, family-fun tips and go-to strategies for organizing your busy kitchen and even busier life.

And more than that, our test kitchen is a place to tell us what you think. How can we make your time in the kitchen easier? Have a recipe idea you want to try? We’re happy to save you the stress (and mess) of seeing if your idea pans out by experimenting here. Have a great product idea? Share it with us! It’s your turn to join in on all the Aroma Test Kitchen fun, no lab coat or goggles required.


5 thoughts

  1. I love your 8 quart roster oven but can’t find them anywhere . The one store I found them at is now closing. Please bring them back or put them on your website!!!! I have purchased about 10 of them for gifts and everyone LOVES THEM!

  2. don’t you maker coffee markers any more. I have a aroma model Acm-640d can’t find anything like it.

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