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    1. First fill the rice cooker with one RICE COOKER cup (or a 3/4 cup standard cup) of rice. Next, rinse the rice of excess starch until the water runs clear. Discard the rinsing water and fill up to the line that corresponds with the number of cups added (for example, if you added 2 rice cooker cups, fill to the 2nd line). Finally, press either Cook or White/Brown Rice and get ready to enjoy!

      1. Hi Rosemary,

        Sorry for the confusion. To make 1 rice cooker cup of rice (which is equal to 3/4 American cup) you would fill the water to the first line. To make 2 rice cooker cups you would fill the water to the second line, and so on. I hope this clears things up.

      2. Thank you for your answer. The only thing is the first line on my rice cooker is the 2 cup line. So I guess my question is how much water do I use for making just one cup? I have the 616SB. Thanks.

      3. Hi Rosemary,

        We suggest that you cook a minimum of 2 cups. If you cook less than that, the rice may not turn out very well.

  1. I just bought the 20 cup rice / vegetable steamer. I noticed in the book the cooking time for meat is longer than vegetables. My plan when purchasing was to make a complete meal in my new steamer. If I start the rice in the bottom and add chicken to the steamer basket can I open it after a few minutes to add vegetables so they are not over cooked?

  2. its insane that if you want to use their product effectively, you are required to buy their cook book. going online for recipes is confusing and the recipes given are for slow cookers and insta-pots. Why dont they include the recipe book with the product?

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