Preparing delicious dishes at home has never been easier than with the Aroma 12-Cup Sensor Logic Rice Cooker & Food Steamer. It’s advanced Sensor Logic Technology ‘thinks’ for itself to adjust time and temperature for perfectly cooked meals without the hassle. Create fluffy rice, slow-cooked favorites and even cake at the touch of a button.  Endless, easy one-pot meals are at your fingertips. Use Aroma’s patent-pending Sauté-Then-Simmer™ technology for the perfect risotto. Or how about chicken and veggies steamed simultaneously while rice cooks below? With so many possibilities you’ll have trouble deciding what to cook next! It’s versatility, sleek design and easy cleanup are sure to earn this cooker a permanent spot on your counter top.

Customer Review
The newest addition to the already impressive Aroma rice cooker line-up has just arrived. The Aroma 12-Cup Sensor Logic Rice Cooker & Food Steamer packs in all the useful functions of previous models with tons of added features. The Cake function cooks cakes to perfection each time without any worries of burned treats. Check out our first test with cake pops which came out flawlessly at the first try. The Oatmeal function guarantees perfect oatmeal with the push of a button, leaving you to take care of your busy morning routine while your ARC-616SB makes breakfast. Can you say appliance of the future? Use  the Slow Cook and Sauté-Then-Simmer™ functions to sauté ingredients before you slow cook to create hearty meals all with one appliance.

The slightly smaller size makes it easy to store and perfect for families of any size. It has the sleek stainless steel look and nonstick interior for ease of cooking and cleaning I’ve come to love with all of my Aroma appliances. Overall, the ARC-616SB is a great addition to an already solid offering of rice cookers. A 3-in-1 appliance that serves as a rice cooker, steamer, and slow cooker… what more can a girl ask for?


Cooking a delicious meal at home just got easier with the Aroma 20-Cup Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer. Prepare 4 to 20 cups of restaurant-quality rice at the press of a button, as specialized functions for white and brown rice cook either variety to fluffy perfection. Aroma’s patent-pending Sauté-Then-Simmer™ Technology allows the rice cooker to reach a high heat for sautéing or browning, then automatically switches to its “Simmer” mode once liquid is added. It’s perfect for Spanish rice, chili, risotto, stir frys, pilafs and much more! The included steam tray also steams meats and vegetables while rice simultaneously cooks below for an endless supply of meals that are as tasty as they are easy. This versatile meal maker is also great for cooking oatmeal, soup, stew and more. Once the cooking is done, the nonstick inner cooking pot and all accessories remove for quick cleanup. Steam tray, measuring cup and serving spatula included.

Customer Review

My family loves rice and I rarely make it because it doesn’t turn out so well on the stove top and also I need to be home to babysit it. Anyway, problem solved. Last night my family enjoyed some great risotto and I got to take credit for yet another amazing meal.

The great extra feature about this specific rice cooker is its ability to brown/sauté prior to cooking, and therefore gives you many more options. You can sauté your vegetables beforehand and even brown meat for a stew or soup…yes I said it…the Aroma ARC-1010SB Rice Cooker is able to make more than rice. It also has a great 15-hour delay timer that gives you more planning power for your nightly meals. And, as a bonus, all removable parts are dishwasher-safe. So go and make your family an amazing meal for tonight and get ready for raving reviews from your biggest fans.


Have delicious home cooked meals in a fraction of the time with the Aroma 6-Quart Digital Pressure Cooker. This digital pressure cooker is safe and simple to use, with programmable settings for High, Medium and Low pressure. Just set the time your food needs to cook and let the pressure cooker handle the rest! In addition to pressure cooking, this appliance also includes Slow Cook, Steam, Simmer, Brown and Warm settings. So you can brown and slow cook a delicious roast all in one pot! And when the cooking is done, the nonstick cooking pot removes for quick and easy cleanup in the dishwasher. Steam rack included.

Customer Review

Just in time for the next season of my favorite cooking show, Aroma has a new pressure cooker to keep you in the loop and help you make amazing meals for your family and friends in a fraction of the time. If you enjoy beef stews or shredded beef tacos on a moment’s notice, you can now achieve it with the new APC-990. Meals that you traditionally need to braise or slow cook for hours are now so much easier to prepare, and the end result is simply amazing in texture and flavor. You will be the talk of the town! My family’s favorite meal is Indian Chicken Tikka Masala, and since I don’t have the time or skills to prepare this meal I have no choice but to shed $48 every week to my local Indian restaurant and carry out this creamy curry-based chicken served with fragrant Basmati rice… until now. I can, with a little help from the pressure cooker,  make the dish in my own kitchen in 12 minutes! Kid you not. Also on my list of things I can do under 30 minutes are, shredded beef tacos, beef bourguignon and most other slow cooker dishes, now a roast is just a TV episode away…


It’s a grill. It’s a slow cooker. It’s a food steamer. It’s all these and more… it’s the Super Pot™! The Aroma Super Pot™ 3-in-1 Indoor Grill is a hero of home cooking. Its ridged grill surface allows for great grilled flavor to be achieved in the comfort of your kitchen. The deep cooking pot with tempered glass lid is perfect for simmering or slow cooking soups, stews, chili, sukiyaki and more. For an even healthier cooking option, steam meat and vegetables on the raised grill surface. The removable temperature control probe sets up to 450°, heating quickly and evenly thanks to the cast aluminum cooking pot. And when the cooking is done, the nonstick cooking pot, cool-touch housing and tempered glass lid all clean easily in the dishwasher.

Customer Review

This grill is amazing! It heats up fast and retains a constant steady temperature and therefore cooks fast and even. An extra bonus is the easy clean up.


Enjoy old-fashioned family fun with the Aroma 6-Quart Traditional Ice Cream Maker. With both a traditional die-cast hand crank and a powerful electric motor, this ice cream maker combines nostalgic fun with modern convenience. Start out taking turns with the hand crank and give tired arms a rest as the electric motor finishes the job. The aluminum canister ensures ice cream freezes quickly. The hand-crafted wood bucket is made of solid fir wood and built to last. While it’s large 6-quart capacity makes enough ice cream for everyone. Not sure what recipe to make? The instruction manual includes recipes for classic favorites or have fun mixing your own custom flavors. Whether a barbeque, birthday party or just a fun day at home the Aroma Traditional Ice Cream Maker is sure to sweeten any occasion!

Customer Review

The Aroma ice cream maker has a great old fashioned look and feel to it…I felt as if I was in a time warp watching my kids crank and churn the machine with the optional hand crank attachment. I haven’t seen them cooperate this well in a long time and I’m sure the end result of creamy ice cream had something to do with it. My boys cranked and laughed for about 10 minutes after which, to their dismay, I switched the handle to the motor in order to time the process a bit more accurately. In about 15 more minutes the motor stopped and as I peeked inside the cylinder I agreed the ice cream was ready and had the consistency of soft serve. If you want to have a more solid product I would suggest to freeze it in a freezable container for another hour or so.

We used the largest capacity ice cream maker Aroma makes and at the end were surprised we actually had ice cream left over for the next rainy or maybe sunny day or any day. This equipment is a great addition to any family and will create hours of fun for any occasion. Plus, there really is no comparison to homemade ice cream.

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