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  1. I just purchased an Aroma Aeromatic Turbo Oven. Sadly, I find that you have not created recipes for my oven. What do you say about this, and where can I go for yummy recipes?
    Dr. Jim

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  3. This is our 2nd Aroma Rice cooker in 4 years. We absolutely love our rice cooker, since we eat rice two out of five nights. The price is very decent, didn’t have a second thought
    about the price, for almost $18.00.

    1. That’s great to hear! Other than rice, you can also make cake out of it too. My personal favorite is a Japanese-style cheese cake made in a rice cooker.

      1. But you just have rice cookers. It looks like most recipes sre for larger cookers.
        I have the mi aroma.

      2. Hi Elizabeth! Thank you for your suggestion! While currently we do not have a drop down from the menu for ingredient type, that is a great suggestion we will work on incorporating in the future. For the time being, if you are looking for a specific ingredient, simply type it into the search bar and recipes will come up that include that ingredient.

  4. I just put together the new multi cooker I got for Christmas. The instruction book said there was a recipe I could download by going to a given link. That link does not go to any download site and on this website there are plenty of recipes if someone had hours everyday to sort through and check out reviews. I just need a few ideas to get straight what all my new cooker can do. Darn it! I wanted a book to download. Now I am seeing that I am tired and its time to take my spoiled self to bed. I like the cooker, though.

  5. Recently retired and living FT in an RV, everyone but everyone is raving about their multi-cookers (there’s a particular one that is the latest fad)…being skeptical, and not willing to spend a small fortune for something I have never used in the past, I just googled it and y’all popped up. Well, call me convinced! With recipes like Spinach Scramble (i’d suggest adding bacon crumbles), Chicken Gnocchi, REAL Spaghetti Sauce and CAKE!!!! Now I just have to decide which size I need – LOL!

    1. Hi Naomi. You can find some air fryer recipes from the main Test Kitchen page by pulling down the Recipes tab, down to As Seen On HSN, and then Air Fryer.

  6. I bought just the Aroma rice cooker (white) and a cookbook. The recipes in the cookbook were for the 20 cup rice cooker, steamer, slow cook cooker, so I bought that one and retired my other one. I was copying down a delicious looking recipe and it said to Saute-then-Simmer function. I ran and looked at my brand new one (again), and it didn’t have that function 😦 I was hoping you’d have a Black Friday special on the Aroma Professional Plus rice cooker, but you aren’t :(((( I’m disappointed because I simply can’t get this cooker since mine isn’t even a week old yet.

    1. Hi Cindy. For recipes that call to use the Saute-then-Simmer function, if your cooker does not have this option I suggest instead setting your cooker to “Steam” for the longest time setting. This will allow the cooker to reach a high heat quickly so you can brown and saute food.

  7. Hi,
    I love my Aroma Rice Cooker and just figured out how to make perfect boiled eggs!
    I have an Instant Pot and cook lots of boiled egs when I need seveal, but in my small 8 cups Rice Cooker I fixed only three using the Steam button.
    Is there a place on this site to search for recipes?
    Also to search for recipes using a certain appliance?
    Would like to see an easy way to locate recipes using the Rice Cooker and pressure cooker.
    Thanks. Joyce Pruhs

  8. I can’t find recipes for my rice cooker, multi cooker, food steamer. A few in the manual; I want basic recipes for soups and other meals I can cook.

    1. Google Rice Cooker recipes and you will find lots of ideas. Google for recipes for your multicoojer and steamer too.
      Good luck!

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